Unlike other gyms, we offer our members one-on-one personal attention from experienced specialists. Our only concern is helping you with motivation, instruction, information and sincere support. We get results - one member at a time.

Our team of Performance Specialists collaborates to help you meet your specific health, fitness, and performance goals, regardless of whether you are making major lifestyle changes or simply in need of a jump start or fine tuning.

We have experience in developing weight loss, exercise, nutrition and weight management programs for every type of person. Our certified performance specialists will design a workout plan with the right balance of strength-training, aerobic exercise and stretching, so that you can look great and feel terrific. A program may incorporate Metabolic Typing (a specifically tailored nutrition program) flexibility training, swimming, aerobic exercise, speed and agility training, strength training, massage or other stress management techniques.

You have the option of performing your personalized program at our facility, at your home, work or another facility. You can work out at the AusFit Center independently, one-on-one or in small groups with a Performance Specialist. Regardless of where you work out, our goal is to provide education and a specific lifestyle program for the achievement of your goals.

Many of us struggle to control pounds and inches. Dieting alone does not work. Regular exercise and proper nutrition are the answers to looking great and feeling better. Regular exercise is fun and enjoyable, not to mention essential to living a healthy life. You’ll feel the difference almost immediately. So if you want results! Then come and see for yourself what Aus-Fit can do for you today!!

GREEN - Even if you're tired of hearing about global warming, carbon footprints, and organic food, let us emphasize that this isn't just about saving the planet (which, of course, is important) but also about making difference, because every little thing you do makes a difference. The most important is reducing waste of any kind. One of the hardest things to remember — but easiest things to do — is to save power where we can, if it be turning off unused lights, having a shorter shower or recycling that bottle of water you just drank. The extra minute it takes to do this isn't really that much of a hardship is it?

Join us, in helping save our planet!.


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