Our experienced personal trainers want to get up close and personal with you. yes, YOU! But we have to warn you, they're only after you for your body. Meeting with your Trainer makes it harder to make excuses not to exercise and in addition, your Trainer will ensure each and every session is varied, challenging and highly charged.
Anyone serious about fitness (or at least serious about seeing results) will be amazed at what a little one-one-one time with our exercise experts can do. Whether you want to slim down, bulk up, de-stress or improve fitness levels, they've got the brains to get you the body you always wanted.

Our personal training is just that - personal. Our personal trainers are veritable fitness gurus. They know exactly what it takes to achieve your individual goals in the fastest, safest way possible, from devising a balanced nutritional regimen (no weird fad diets) up to a customized training program to get you the results you want.
But fitness isn't just about the size of your jeans. Fitness also means cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and speed, so get more from your workout and ask your trainer to incorporate some (ooh go on, why not ALL ) of these components into your program.


Richard Chin






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